Things are coming!

I used to host a podcast called “The Danger Zone”. On this podcast there were two additional gentleman, one from Ohio, the other from London. We primarily talked about video games. I have nothing to show for all the recording, editing, and preparation of those shows.

I’ve decided to start a new podcast. I’ve not yet decided on the frequency. I do know I’ll talk about video game news, thoughts about games I’m playing, and people in the industry I find interesting. My hope is to have people working in the industry on the show from time to time.

I’m also in the middle of writing my thoughts about Halo: CE. We’re 16 years from its release and I don’t know that I’ve ever written down what I find appealing about the game. I’ve been playing through the Master Chief Collection version of the game recently. I am nearly done and hope to have something posted this weekend (2/4 or 2/5).

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